A Commitment For A Better Future For All

As a company we are dedicated to continously innovating new sustainable, socially aware and community driven approaches and to constantly learn about impacts. We aim to realize and implement continous progress in the years to come

Creating Lasting Change Throughout Our Operations

To ensure a better tomorrow, we commit to help protect our communities and resources

Our aim is to create measurable impact by the year 2030

With the focus on sustainability, diversity and inclusion, community and supply chain responsibilty and management.


We commit to do our part as an industry leader to help protect the resources that we all share and depend on within our community and neighboring communities

We are continously engaging our efforts to measure access and reduce our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission to help better implement our sustainability strategy

Diversity and Inclusion

We are commited to support and take prompt action in our community and to use our brand voice to stand against inequiality, social and cultural affairs, and to support native and indigenious communities.

We fostor a healthy inclusive work enviroment and fully stand by sense of belonging in an inclusive world for our customers, team and in our community.

Supply Chain and Ethical Responsibitly

Setting and implementing standards and commitments regarding our social responsibility, fair work practices and safety.

We aim to maintain our social and enviromental standards and philosophy across our supply chain by partnerning with suppilier and vendors that share our ethical commitments as well as our social and enviromental responsibility


At Baia + Bo, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in our communities, as well as prioritizing the well-being of our valued employees. We consistently strive to push our boundaries and seek new ways to create meaningful change. By embracing this commitment, we aim to foster a positive environment that benefits both our communities and our dedicated team members.