We’ve all heard it. We’ve all said it. 2023 is going to be OUR year! Cue unexpected career pivots, and every other unforeseen occurrence that can possibly befall us individually, or globally. 

Not knowing what the year holds can be scary. We can take comfort in the idea that the calendar year and January 1st are rather arbitrary. Life keeps moving no matter what our calendars say, and very little depends on the literal date. But we can also commemorate and take inspiration from the traditional demarcation of ends, and of course of beginnings.

In fact, it’s vital that we take this year to celebrate what we’ve accomplished and compile our gratitude, striving for better in the coming year. It’s the most exciting time to create goals, small and large, that will gradually shift the quality of our lives.


If you’re not sure where to get started, here are some mindful ways to redirect your life in 2023.

Make time for walks
There’s a whole slew of both mental and physical benefits from getting those steps in, even if it’s just a walk around the block.

Journal at least five minutes every day
Journaling has been proven to boost the mood, increase awareness and mindfulness, reduce anxiety, boost productivity, and help us manifest, heal, and gain perspective. All it takes is five minutes a day.     

Try new things
Mixing up our workout routines is the only way to stay motivated, excited, and in totally well-rounded shape. Have you tried that new class at the gym? Unsure where to start? Download classpass 

Making peace with the past 
Recognize that you are enough! Whomever left you along the way, what hasn't worked out up until now, wasn't meant to workout. Work on your self, for a brighter, stronger. and happier you.

Sweat more
Raising your body temp detoxes the body and burns major calories. If you can, set aside at least one day a week to get an inside-out infrared sweat session on in a sauna or otherwise. 

Track your cycle and your individualized wellness
Not all bodies are created equal. In fact, most scientific studies are done on men and post-menopausal women, because menstruating women have too many variables. Do I really need to tell you to download Flo?

Clean your air
Climate news may be devastating, but that means that we have to make the most of our space here on planet Earth. Getting an air purifier for your home will cut down on toxins and airborne pathogens so you can feel safest where you rest your head, and breathe easy.

Be a little self-indulgent
Yes, we’re all about moderation here at Poosh but every once in a while we all need a ridiculous self-indulgent moment. Maybe it’s a weekend getaway eating everything in sight or a lavish shopping spree to finally splurge on a bag you’ve been eyeing. Plan a monthly happy hour with your BFFs. Go for it and don’t feel a single ounce of guilt afterward. 

Hydrate better
Go grab that hydroflask you've been eyeing, need sustainable straws? Go ahead. Doesn't matter which way you approach it, but get your liters in!

Boost collagen
Collagen production slows with age, but we can stay on top of it by encouraging our skin to produce more with regular exfoliation and more intense treatments, like this microneedling.

Schedule self-care dates with friends and family
I like to do this with my sister, we call it the glow up marathon, how fresh can we get on a weekend? Feels like the perfect reset button, especially with having busy schedules. You'd be surprised to see how far you come after you do this for 6 months. Set a matcha and manicure date (don't forget to get cute nail gel design options) with someone you are close to, thank me later!

Eat more fiber
Did you know the recommended fiber intake per day is 21-25g? For the record, that’s kind of a lot, so even the cleanest of eaters may not be getting enough. Stop thinking so much about counting calories, and start counting your fiber grams, and maybe even try adding a fiber supplement to your smoothies or morning water. It’s prebiotic food for essential gut microbiota, and the difference will manifest itself in your energy levels, skin, immunity, and more.

Treat your face to a workout
We work out our bodies to stay tight and toned, so why not our face? Microcurrent has been around for a long time, and it’s not going anywhere due to its major efficacy. The name of the game is consistency, but you’ll see a huge change. 

Be the softest you’ve ever been
Don’t just save exfoliation for vacations. Set aside a day or two a week to give your body a total scrub-down in the shower(my fav thing to do)

Take care of your lymphatic system
Learn how to give yourself lymphatic messages and remember walks will do wonders for your lymphatic system, especially if done in the morning, but self-massage techniques and dry messaging are easy and pleasurable ways to make sure we keep all our fluids movin’ and flushin’. 

Up your oral care game
Being the daughter of dentists, I would have a lot of advice to give but cover the basics, brushing and flossing are non-negotiables (seriously, please floss every day, and try charcoal floss, its my favorite but not necessary), but oil pulling (my father disagrees) and tongue scraping are huge contenders for keeping harmful bacteria and odors at bay

Rethink how you caffeinate
Coffee addicts, I see you, I am you, I get it. If you can’t quit the brown stuff, it’s OK, but try upping your antioxidant game for some next-level nutrition. If you can fully switch to matcha, that’s ideal, but if not, try mixing up the days you drink coffee and go with this powerful, vibrant beverage. It’s a major dose of antioxidants as well, and contains L-theanine to help stabilize and get quality sleep later.

Start food prepping
Nothing says self-care better than pre-prepped healthy meals that will make the week, and eating well, go so much smoother. Future you could positively kiss yourself.

Read, don’t scroll to sleep
It’s tempting to get that dose of social media while lying in bed turning your brain off, but it actually does the opposite. It can uplevel cortisol and making you anxious and restless, and we all know about the dangers of extended blue light usage. Opt for a book to engage your mind, take it off your daily tasks, and lull you into some quality rest.

February 11, 2022 — Natasha Shamas