Born with untamed frizzy hair? Hair that doesn't have a category? We've all had our awkward stages in life when it comes to our hair. I've definitely had mine, and the process of learning how to style it and take care of it was not easy nor cheap at all.

I thought blowdrying and straightening my hair would save it back in high school, but I ended up burning most of my hair, so I opted out for a longer term solution, Keratin Treatments (the ones that would last up to 6-8 months) and it helped, it allowed me to stay off the heat, get a chance to grow my hair, it added shine, but then again I lost volume. 

I've done Keratin treatments for the past 10 years. Last treatment I got was towards the end of 2020. I've decided after that to just lay off it. I could feel that I lost thickness, the natural volume wasn't there anymore. I don't know about tolerance to treatments but I can assure you the treatments that used to last me 8 months started to last me 2 months (never changed my hairdresser). I also wanted to lighten my hair for a change, and most hair stylists won't recommend you going blonder with Keratin in your hair. They say, if you dye your hair before getting a treatment, it'll go lighter once you do the treatment, and if you do the treatment before, then the bleaching and dying process will undo the treatment. So I had to let go of getting treatments done, and I was up for it, because the super straight look wasn't doing it for me and I was almost always styling/curling my hair ( also known as another form of hair annihilation ), and surprisingly after I went blonde my hair has gotten healthier, people were surprised, and believe me I was too.


The secret wasn't behind me going lighter, but in the steps I added to my lifestyle and into my routine. Here's what I did:


Step 1. Hydration

I cannot stress this enough, hydrated hair shows, you can see when someones hair is alive and when it's parched. You can't just drink 2L for a day and think you've restored your own body's hydration levels. It's an ongoing process, you hydrate from the inside as well as the outside. It's just that the internal part tends to lose "water" faster then the external part, so you need to focus on drinking water but you also need to hydrate on the outside. I found a random Hyaluronic Acid spray at a local pharmacy, and it helped.


Step 2. Lay off Coffee (and cigarettes)

... point being coffee usually takes over water. Anyone who's a coffee drinker will tend to forget to drink water also cigarettes are deadly and they stink.


Step 3. Invest in good hair treatments and masks.

Phillipe Kingsley Philipe Kingsley Phillipe Kingsley. It's my reply to everyone who asks me about my hair. If you haven't heard about their products, then brace yourself, I'm about to change your life.  

There's two products I tried and they're life changing The first one was Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, and the second is Philip Kingsley Bond Builder, you'll see results immediately after the first try. You use them once a week, and the process is simple:

1. Wet your hair 

2. Apply Mask 

3. Leave in for 10 minutes

4. Then wash your hair the way you usually do

You can also put it on before the gym, then shower after you're done, works just fine.


Step 4: Leave in Conditioner

Some people love it, some don't. I'm OBSESSED but its the Ouai Byredo Leave in Conditioner and it comes in the iconic scent of Mojave Ghost 


Step 5: Hair Oil

Gisou Honey Infused hair oil or Diego Dala Palma Milano the elixir  


Step 7: Dream Coat

The Color Wow Dream Coat, this requires styling and heat, however it works, it tames your hair and acts like a shield in the winter. Discovered it with my best friend while we were shopping at Selfridges, the sales guy told us its like an 'umbrella' and protects us from frizz. He was right, kinda. I've been purchasing it for years now. All you have to do is apply it to damp hair and it requires heats to be activated, and the shield is ON!

Step 6: Increase your Protein Intake.

You are what you eat, eat greens, have your berries, but also make sure you get some protein in. After starting to bulk up at the gym, I started increasing my protein intake, and it changed my life. 


Step 7: Microfiber Hair Towel/Wrap, Silk Scrunchies, Invi-bobble, less frequent hair cleaning days, and learning which hair brushes are right to use.

Does it really need explaining? Maybe the hairbrushes, there are different types of hair brushes, the best for sure is the stippling hairbrush for sleek buns (they're antistatic), I also use the GHD paddle brush. Yes if you're wondering, I do use a detangler and its Tangle Teezer obvi.



Trust me on this, you'll gain back the volume and shine in no time.

February 12, 2022 — Natasha Shamas